About Alu Cabrera

Queen Princess Alu A Cabrera a.k.a Alu Cabrera or LuLu (born June 11,)  is an Filipino American singer-songwriter, dancer, model and actress. Raised in Manila, Philippines, Alu moved to Los Angeles, California, at the age of 14 to pursue her dreams and to finish her study. She used to be a model and she always join to contests, She really loves to sing and to write songs even when she was a kid and she became the youngest songwriter ever GMA ( A big Television company in Philippines) discovered her talent. She made her first song “This Girl” when she was still young and she made her second and third song “You make me perfect” and “Memory” followed by “Pretending” and “I never got over you” Even though she’s already U.S she never stop writing new songs In fact, she just made few songs recently: “Regret” , “I’m Coming Home and “Broken yet Holding on“. She used to be a Little miss Philippines and a StarSturck kid back then. She also became a model of some Branded clothes, But Since she went to U.S to finish her studies and to be with her sister, so she couldn’t continue her career in Philippines because she chose to be with her loved ones and she decided to start her carrier when she’s already at the right age.

Alu is a Mixed Blood She’s Arabian, Indian, Hispanic, Hawaiian and Filipino but she grew up in Manila, Philippines so she know how to speak Filipino. Alu is a very talented young lady, She has a big big plans in life.

Alu is very Athletic, she even took a swimming lesson when she was 7 years old. and starting to learn how to bike when she was 6 years old and it became her hobby, and at the age of 8 she started to play Badminton and as she grows up she continue to learn new sports.
Alu is a very smart girl, She was only 4 years old and she already know how to read and write she even joined The Spelling Bee at her school. at the age of 2 His Father Albert Cabrera thought him how to write and read and he taught her in a very unique way. His father taught he how to read using a “Singing Method” that’s why she already know how to sing at the age of 3 also. Alu loves to write, especially Songs, Essays and Quotations. She almost have everything. Perfect life, her childhood life was awesome! she’s an athlete, She’s a singer-songwriter and also a Choreographer/Dancer and she’s also a Stage Actress. She performs in different school to Act, and also she likes to Play Basketball. Alu is a Girl but sometimes she acts like a guy she like to Play Basketball and to swear Big shirts sometimes because she feels more comfortably with it. She dress up Boyish Style sometimes but she’s still a girl and when she dress up people always give her compliment. She’s a very Beautiful lady. That’s why she became a model. Alu is a perfect lady she has everything in life, but like what she said “Nobody’s Perfect”

Now, that she’s in america She joined a “National American Miss” which is a Big competition for Teens to represent their state. Alu is representing her state which is “California” She is now a National American Miss Finalist and the Final Competition is going to be on 2015 of January.

Alu’s Personality: She’s Very down to Earth, Smart, Generous, Intelligent, She knows how to Cook/Bake all around, She’s Very Sweet Kind and Lovable. She’s full of sweetness, She’s sweet to anyone and she has a Soft heart as a matter of fact, every twice a month she goes to “Valley Center to help Homeless People even though she don’t them but she’s still helping them. Alu is a fast learner she wants to learn everything. She wants to be Independent in life. If you want to know more about her be friends with her. She’s very friendly and She always make people happy. She said “Making people happy makes her happier, and Helping people is like helping the world, It may not be enough to help every single person in the world but she’s trying to help even just in a simple way”

Right now Alu is taking Tae-Kwon-Do and she competes in different places. Her First Tournament was January 2014 and she won a Certificate to move on the next Level o Tae-Kwon-Do. She’s now focus on doing TaeKwonDo by the help of her Kwan-Jang-Nim Moon Oh, She became a BlackBelter. She and His Grand master Get along, Sometimes they have to recite Korean Words and She’s always the one who Stand in front to recite it. That’s why Her Grand master is so impressed to her, Sometimes the other kids doesn’t know what the Grand Master is trying to say so Alu translate it to them. Alu grew up with Korean Friends and Asian Friends that’s why she knows how to speak Chinese a little bit and Mostly Korean.

Alu’s Favorite show is “Running Man” it’s a Korean Variety show, She even finish all the episodes and now she’s just waiting to release new episodes Running Man makes her Happy she loves “Monday Couple” Kang Gary and Song Ji Hyo and Mr. Capable Kim Joong Kook and The Traitor Club.

Alu’s Ideal Guy:
Alu is not very picky, she’s a simple young lady longing for a love. Like what She said “I want to love and to be loved too”
She like a guy who has good personality, Nice, Caring, Understanding, Honest, Simple but Cool. Alu is a very cool girl she’s easy to get along with. She has a Positive Vibe and fun to be with so she’s also looking for a guy who is Fun to be with,  and most of all With sense of humor and Very Sweet.
When it comes to talent, Alu likes a guy who loves to play Basket ball or A guys how knows how to a Dance in short a Dancer or A guy who knows how to Sing.
When it comes to Personality, Alu likes a Tall guy like a basketball player. or just a guy who is taller than her. Her real Ideal Guy is a Basketball Player, Tall, Smiling Face, Chinky Eyes. but when she met Ranz kyle she added to her Ideal Guy is a guy how like to dance and sing. But she’s still like a guy who likes to play basketball, Tall, and Chinky eyes.

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